Onitsuka Chihiro – Watashi to Waltz wo

May 12, 2010 at 3:28 pm (Onitsuka Chihiro) (, )

1. Watashi to Waltz wo
2. Rebel Luck
3. Watashi to Waltz wo (Instrumental)

As the last EMI era single, Chihiro definitely went out with a blast. Not that she had planned it that way, but well, hey. A blast is a blast. And unlike the last single, it’s not a CCCD (See “Ii Hi Tabidachi – Nishi e” for that).

The waltz is…well not a waltz so I shouldn’t call it that. “watashi to Waltz wo” is a ballad written in 4/4 time. I will complain that the strings don’t sound that clean, nor do they sound like they’re done by real people. They sound so stiff. But that’s a minor detail. The song itself is absolutely beautiful, with some of Chihiro’s best lyrics. The chorus is fast and hard pressed, giving a sense of urgency that matches the tone of the song well. When we get to the instrumental bridge, the song switches to 3/4 time for a passionate waltz, which to me was surprising but satisfying. We come back to 4/4 time for the final chorus, but again I will complain that the strings could’ve done more to make the song sound more epic. Small flaws in what is a great song.

And what with this choice of a B-side? “Rebel Luck” was released on the last album, and hardly fits into this single. Seems a bit lazy, and its not even rerecorded from what I can tell. But at least we get the instrumental of the waltz, which is pretty, but standard.

After that, there’s nothing else on the single. It’s got a coherent theme in terms of packaging, but like “Sign” it’s rather bland. I like the cover though. Interesting outfit and such. But nothing after that.

So really, you don’t need this single. The song is amazing, yes, but you can get it in the SINGLES 2000-2003 or even ONE OF PILLARS. And you SHOULD get those, so skip out on the CD single, maybe get it digitally.

I don’t really want to give this a number rating. Just know that the song is freaking amazing.

The end.


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