Onitsuka Chihiro – Sodatsu Zassou

May 13, 2010 at 2:00 pm (Onitsuka Chihiro) ()

1. Sodatsu Zassou
2. Rainman
3. Sodatsu Zassou (Instrumental)

As the first single after her surgery and departure from EMI, “Sodatsu Zassou” is somewhat of a special one. I think it’s amazing that she was able to do this song in her condition, and its a shame she never included it on any album, as it really shines. I mean c’mon, it’s B side made it, but not the main track?

I’ll admit, when I listened to the first bit of the song, I was afraid of how it would go because of the weakness of her voice. You can definitely here it here, in the ever so slight flat tone that she sings in. Not to mention that I could see what this song would require of her. “Sodatsu Zassou” is a hard rockish type song, very fast paced with strong and fast lyrics, rather like the waltz. Which of course is great for making an urgent atmosphere, which this song definitely benefits from. In the end, her voice holds out well enough, and if anything the weakness of it makes the song better, helping her fall into character, and allowing he to dramatically crack her voice for added effect. A great emotional piece from Chihiro that shouldn’t be missed.

“Rainman” again is a bit of a departure from what she normally does. Sure, it’s got piano, but it’s not a lush piano or anything, it’s rather nostalgic of simple piano songs, and it makes for an interesting song. It’s got some rather cute lyrics, being all in English. Obviously not a lot of it makes sense, but that’s the charm of the song.

And well, next we have the instrumental for “Sodatsu Zassou”, blah blah. The single packaging is pretty standard, even with the First Press Cover (seen above). They could’ve added a CD-EXTRA or something…but the single is still worth getting anyways. “Rainman” is a cute and strong B-side, while “Sodatsu Zassou” is just fierce and emotional beyond belief, and I’m glad she ventured into that style. For those who want comparison to “X”, I think the former is a lot stronger, even though the latter is still a great song.


Now, as a sidenote, Universal had also placed a performance for “Sodatsu Zassou” up for download at the time of release. Obviously you can’t get it anymore, but you can find it on youtube, and it’s an interesting watch. Sure her voice is almost even weaker than the CD version, but again that’s what makes it strong for this song. And she gives this great little shiver/spasm near the end of the song that really lets you see how she much she got into the song.

Just as a sidenote.


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