Onitsuka Chihiro – Aoi Tori

May 17, 2011 at 5:53 pm (Onitsuka Chihiro) ()

1. Aoi Tori

I know, I know, I reviewed the album already, so why this and now? Well there was a time when I really wanted to buy this too, because the first press edition came with a message card that was said to be instrumental in linking to the album (or something like that), and I would’ve like to know if it was worth it. Well, it wasn’t.

The single starts off with “Aoi Tori”. Please don’t mind that I copy and paste this from my Ken to Kaede review: –“Aoi Tori” is a ballad with a folkish theme (think “Arashi ga Oka” mixed with “Storyteller”). Very close to her, the song sings about not being able to find happiness. Her voice is a little weak, but I really seem to have a thing for weak voices though where they fit. Similar to “everyhome”, the voice really puts emphasis on the meaning of the song, and it adds depth to the otherwise flat arrangement. The song also has a PV, which really gives the song a good image to go with.–

As a B-side, we get a stripped down version of “NEW AGE STRANGER”, just like “I Pass By” did a while back. And the result? A disgusting mess. Here Chihiro’s bad pronunciation and vocals don’t have the autotuning and filter to help make it more bearable. Not to mention it’s slowed down, drawing out the fact that the song is fairly repetitive. On the album it wasn’t so bad, here it is pretty much an atrocity. Also there is of course no outward relation to Mad Eye Moody. Not that we expected there to be.

So what’s left going for the single? Well the package is pretty standard, and I rather like the back cover. But the real incentive, the message card…is not really that necessary. It’s a shot from the recording of “Aoi Tori” that isn’t all that special, and the message is written in English. Cryptic english that is hardly readable, let alone understandable. Goodness knows what she is trying to say to us. Need something to help understand the album? “Tsuki no Hahen” is a much better buy. I mean, at least Japanese listeners can understand that, but no one has a chance of deciphering this message card.

So in short, don’t get it. Unless you typically get singles, but for those of us who don’t…don’t get it. Just get her album, and someone to translate the book for you.


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