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February 9, 2010 at 9:46 pm (About the Reviewer)

Welcome to The Marion(ette).

In my teenage years, I discovered the existence of J-Pop. It was an exciting discovery that opened my senses to a lot of new things. Unfortunately, I didn’t have anyone to share it with. That’s where you come in.

Around the internet, I go by a two names: Lvng and Glaexeaus (old). You might see me lurking on some J-Pop forums from time to time, or deviantArt and whatever it may be.

I want to apologize first of all for my language skills; I’m afraid as an undergraduate student in Physics, my vocabulary is not the most colourful, and will become rather redundant from time to time. You will likely find me using the same expressions throughout a review like there is no tomorrow, simply because it’s the only expression I can think of at that time.

Despite this (rather large) flaw, I hope you can still enjoy my reviews. I’ll try to do some reviews that set me apart from others (that is, DVDs and comments on packaging). Don’t be afraid to check old reviews from time to time; I also like to add on to old reviews when I feel that my thoughts on the album have changed. Lasting appeal for products is important, and I find those websites that churn out enormous amounts of reviews don’t often see that.

I should also note that I buy all of my music, and do not tolerate torrenting for myself. So I apologize that certain artists may only have one or two things reviewed for them, but I simply don’t like them enough to get more.

I will also write some extra opinion-y things from time to time, which can be found in the “Editorial” section. Check it out, share your thoughts, do stuff.

Thanks, and feel free to comment!


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