ayumi hamasaki – Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus Tour FINAL ~7days Special~ 3DVD

June 25, 2011 at 2:54 pm (ayumi hamasaki) (, , )

0. circus
1. THE introduction
2. Microphone
3. Last angel
4. About You
5. solitude
6. rainy day
9. Rimbaud
10. count down
11. Memorial address
12. Virgin Road
13. memories
14. Don’t look back
16. Because of You
18. Sexy little things
19. STEP you
20. Jump!
21. Lady Dynamite
22. until that Day…
23. SURREAL ~ evolution ~ SURREAL
Disc 2
24. Humming 7/4
25. Boys & Girls
26. Sweet Season
Disc 3
MC Collection
SHU-YA no Buyaki

I didn’t think I would get this tour, since I already owned many of the songs on it (and I’m so stingy with my money, after all). When it was released though, many fans were raving about how this was one of her most spectacular tours since 2006, and her voice had improved massively since the mess that was Arena Tour 2009 ~NEXT LEVEL~. I gave myself a gander at a few performances: “BALLAD”, “Microphone”, and “Last angel”. Needless to say, I decided to get it right there and then.

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ayumi hamasaki – Love songs DVD

June 14, 2011 at 5:29 pm (ayumi hamasaki) (, , )

2. blossom (director’s cut)
3. crossroad
4. Sweet Season
5. Virgin Road
6. Last Angel
7. Love song
8. do it again
9. MOON (making-of)
10. crossroad (making-of)
11. Sweet Season (making-of)
12. Virgin Road (making-of)
13. Last angel & Love song (making-of part 1)
14. Last angel & Love song (making-of part 2)
15. do it again (making-of)

At this point in Hamasaki’s career, one must wonder how creative the producers can get. Love songs as an album played it rather safe, and featured little experimentation compared to her last two albums. What can we expect of her music videos?

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ayumi hamasaki – Love songs

June 13, 2011 at 6:16 pm (ayumi hamasaki) (, , )

1. Love song
2. crossroad
4. sending mail
5. Last angel
6. insomnia
7. Like a doll
8. Aria
9. blossom
10. Thank U
11. Sweet Season
12. overture
13. do it again
14. November
15. Virgin Road
16. SEVEN DAYS WAR (bonus track)

Like the last ayu album, I told myself at release that I would never buy this album. Absolutely none of the singles appealed to me, and the album tracks sounder even weaker. Not to mention the cheesy title and awful looking cover (well, the CD+DVD version at least).

I was surprised though, at the way the album was received. Most fans noted the album’s great cohesiveness and flow, which seemed to elevate some of the weaker single tracks. Further, the previews had apparently done none of the songs any justice, some of which were incredibly epic or complex. I was still skeptical, but after time I came to like “Last angel” (due to its performance at AT10), so I decided to pick it up alongside AT10’s DVD.

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iTunes presents… – vol.2

May 19, 2011 at 7:44 pm (ayumi hamasaki, BoA, iTunes presents...) (, , )

HANABI (from ayu-mix 7 Acoustic Orchestra) – ayumi hamasaki
kanariya (from ayu-mix 7 Acoustic Orchestra) -ayumi hamasaki
forgiveness (from ayu-mix 7 Acoustic Orchestra) – ayumi hamasaki
Eien (from Best&USA) – BoA
Hurricane Venus – BoA
Copy&Paste – BoA

Again, that’s “presents” as in a verb, not a plural noun.

I was only a little bit interested in ayu-mix 7 Acoustic Orchestra. Some of the tracks were repeats, and others were songs that probably should not have been done in this fashion at all. But there were a select few that I was interested in, and on the first day of release in Japan, it was also on iTunes all around. So I just had to.

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ayumi hamasaki – Rock’n’Roll Circus DVD + photobook

May 7, 2011 at 12:33 pm (ayumi hamasaki) (, )

1. Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~
2. Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~
3. You were…
5. Sexy little things
6. Microphone
7. Don’t look back
8. Lady Dynamite
9-16 Making of’s
17. Special Digest from ARENA TOUR 2009 A ~NEXT LEVEL~

The DVD that comes with Rock’n’Roll Circus comes with the PV’s, making of’s as well as a short digest of the last tour, and a photobook on the first press.

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ayumi hamasaki – Rock’n’Roll Circus

May 7, 2011 at 12:01 pm (ayumi hamasaki) ()

1. THE introduction
2. Microphone
3. count down
4. Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~
6. Last Links
7. montage
8. Don’t look back
9. Jump!
10. Lady Dynamite
11. Sexy little things
12. Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~
13. meaning of Love
14. You were…
15. RED LINE ~for TA~ (album version)

I told myself when this came out that I would never get it. The singles were unappealing, and the album tracks all seemed lacklustre. Admittedly, the “Sunrise/Sunset” duo sounded nice, but I hated the editing/arrangement of the songs at the key change. They both seemed so sudden and choppy. “BALLAD” was alright as well, but it wasn’t that important to me.

And then I saw the performance of “You were…” at CDL which seemed to elevate to (for me) over her other winter ballads. She really seemed to put a lot of emotion into singing it, and all of a sudden it was powerful. And then “Microphone” grew on me slowly too, and I couldn’t get it out of my head.

So I decided to get it.

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ayumi hamasaki – NEXT LEVEL DVD

March 5, 2010 at 4:28 pm (ayumi hamasaki) ()

1. Days
3. Rule
4. Sparkle
6. Curtain call
7. Days (making of)
8. GREEN (making of)
9. Rule (making of)
10. Sparkle (making of)
11. NEXT LEVEL (making of)
12. Curtain call (making of)

Well it appears that the DVD comes in chronological order. Not that that matters.

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ayumi hamasaki – LIVE CD from “Premium Countdown Live 2008-2009”

March 5, 2010 at 4:14 pm (ayumi hamasaki) (, )

2. Will
3. End of the World
4. Heartplace
5. And Then
6. Naturally
9. Over
10. SCAR
12. Hana
13. too late
14. everywhere nowhere
15. Days
16. For My Dear…

The CD came coupled with the 2CD+DVD set of NEXT LEVEL, and was not included in the USB package. It contains about half of the songs from the respective performance, and since it is a live recording, it isn’t stellar clear, but its good enough. Also, I am not familiar with the originals of many of the songs (but I like to preview them on iTunes). I have also not seen all of the actual performances.

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iTunes presents… – vol. 1

March 4, 2010 at 8:35 am (ayumi hamasaki, iTunes presents..., Koda Kumi) (, , , )

Days (8-bits of tears YMCK remix) -ayumi hamasaki
GREEN (Acoustic Orchestra Version) -ayumi hamasaki
It’s all Love! -Koda Kumi x misono
faraway -Koda Kumi
Tenbin ~Tsuyogari na Watashi x Yowagari na Kimi~ – misono
Moon -Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto

Not “presents” as in the noun, but the verb. Get it right.

“What is this?” Many people might ask. Well since I buy all my music, but I don’t enjoy buying singles (unless I get them used for like, 300yen), I buy some things from iTunes. Of course, I live in Canada, so anything in the Canada store will likely be in your store, whoever you are. We have a very dispairing selection of J-Pop (but it started to grow!) Anyways, these reviews will be for those few songs that I buy, since they won’t show up in any other review. I also will not be giving number ratings, just a recommendation (or not).
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ayumi hamasaki – NEXT LEVEL

March 3, 2010 at 8:18 pm (ayumi hamasaki) ()

1. Bridge to the sky
3. Disco-munication
5. Sparkle
6. rollin’
8. Load of the SHUGYO
9. identity
10. Rule
11. LOVE ‘n’ HATE
12. Pieces of SEVEN
13. Days
14. Curtain call

Alright so this was actually my first ayumi hamasaki album. Funny, eh? I had of course heard the singles beforehand, and that was why I had agreed to get the album. Otherwise, I was pretty against her (being a Utada fan and all…), and other than a few songs, I didn’t like her.

Obviously, I was too narrow-minded.

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