iTunes presents… – vol.2

May 19, 2011 at 7:44 pm (ayumi hamasaki, BoA, iTunes presents...) (, , )

HANABI (from ayu-mix 7 Acoustic Orchestra) – ayumi hamasaki
kanariya (from ayu-mix 7 Acoustic Orchestra) -ayumi hamasaki
forgiveness (from ayu-mix 7 Acoustic Orchestra) – ayumi hamasaki
Eien (from Best&USA) – BoA
Hurricane Venus – BoA
Copy&Paste – BoA

Again, that’s “presents” as in a verb, not a plural noun.

I was only a little bit interested in ayu-mix 7 Acoustic Orchestra. Some of the tracks were repeats, and others were songs that probably should not have been done in this fashion at all. But there were a select few that I was interested in, and on the first day of release in Japan, it was also on iTunes all around. So I just had to.

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BoA – BoA The First Album

March 18, 2010 at 5:02 pm (BoA) (, )

1. I Did It For Love
2. Energetic
3. Did Ya
4. Look Who’s Talking
5. Eat You Up
6. Obsessed
7. Touched
8. Scream
9. Girls on Top
10. Dress Off
11,. Hypnotic Dancefloor

This will probably be the only review I ever do for BoA (and the album, save for whatever I put in” iTunes Presents”. I’m not a big fan of her Japanese stuff at all, but I had to support her English attempt, so I bought this album. And really, I don’t mind it that much, but it certainly isn’t amazing. I mean really, not even one ballad? It shows how manufactured she’s become.

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