iTunes presents… vol. 3 – Epik High

May 20, 2011 at 7:40 pm (Epik High, iTunes presents..., Loveholic) ()

One feat. Jisun from Loveholic (from pieces, part one)
Decalcomanie (from pieces, part one)
Umbrella feat. Yoonjin (from pieces, part one)
Pieces of You feat. Jisun (from pieces, part one)
Fan (from Remapping the Human Soul)
Love Love Love (from Remapping the Human Soul)
Paris feat. Jisun (from Swan Songs)

For the last time, “presents” is a verb, not a noun. Get it right.

I’m not entirely too big on rap and hip-hop. I generally find it hard to get into music where rappers are singing about themselves or other rappers. I just like them to stick to an abstract subject matter, and go with it. I also don’t typically like straight rap; hip-hop has the emphasis that I like on melodies and such. So imagine how pleased I was when I found Epik High, a group that for the most part I won’t be able to understand, and is also very talented in the compositional department!

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