MONKEY MAJIK – Best ~10 Years and Forever~ CD+DVD

May 18, 2011 at 5:14 pm (MONKEY MAJIK) (, )

1. fly
2. Around The World
3. Futari
4. Change
5. Sora wa Marude
6. Together
7. Aitakute
8.Tada, Arigatou
9. Aishiteru
10. Niji-iro Sakana
11. Open Happiness
15. Fast Forward
16. Daijoubu
17. tired (remastered)
18. Lily (remixed and remastered)
19. Livin’ in the sun (remastered)

I had been introduced to Monkey Majik some time ago in Japan, but I wasn’t interested enough to go buy an album. I did know, however, that the “Sora wa Marude” was incredibly catchy, and I watched to see if it would come out on iTunes. It did, but then I also saw the announcement for their best album of 10 years. Sounded good enough for me, especially after seeing their half hour commercial for the album which confirmed for me that I was going to like what I heard on this album. Plus they’re Canadian. Of course I have to support them.

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