Square-Enix Piano Collections pt.2: the Other Shiro, Mr. Hamaguchi

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Final Fantasy VII was released in 1997 to critical acclaim around the globe. It was hailed as a landmark game that was more or less revolutionary in its utilization of the available technology. The music was received just as well, with the audio capabilities of the PlayStation bringing out new elements and dimensions to Nobuo Uematsu’s music.

Where, then, was the Piano Collections album?* With the previous games, the Piano Collections album was released less than a year later. Perhaps the OST was deemed strong and fleshed out enough on its own that a Piano album was not necessary? Whatever may have stalled it, it didn’t stop the release of Final Fantasy VIII two years later, which was released to more widespread acclaim. And not even a year after that, a “Piano Collections Final Fantasy VIII” was announced and published. Like the reprints of the previous albums, this album (and all hereafter) were also released with the CD and sheet music separately. The first-press of the CDs came in a slipcase, while the later re-issues come in regular jewel cases without the slipcase.

There was a lot of speculation as to why there was no piano album release for “FFVII”, and at this point there is still no clear answer. What we do know is that they went on and released an album for “FFVIII”, and it was fantastic.

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Piano Collections – Final Fantasy VIII

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1. Blue Fields
2. Eyes on Me
3. Fisherman’s Horizon
5. Ami
6. Shuffle or Boogie
7. Find Your Way
8. The Oath
9. Silence and Motion
10. The Castle
11. The Successor
12. Ending Theme
13. Slide Show Part2


Just saying.

(I own the sheet music as well).

Let me start off properly by saying that compared to other Piano Collection albums, this one has relatively easy arrangements. I think during the mastering, they also lowered the volume, making dynamic changes a little less spectacular, and making the songs sound a bit softer too (which I don’t entirely like). But nonetheless, it’s a very enjoyable album with a great selection of tracks.

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